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Seating Capacity

Seats 6 Adults


79.5 inch x 79.5 inch x 36 inch

Water Capacity

293 US Gallons / 1,108 Litres


28 Two Tone Plastic


One 5.0SPL Dual Speed


50 sq. ft.


Air Controls

Two-Tone Design


Multi-Colour LED Light

Light Feature

Perimeter LED Lighting


3 Headrests

Thermal Cover

5" x 3" Tapered


  • Capped Bottom Liner
  • Galvanized Steel Support Structure
  • Polysteel Exterior Cabinetry
  • GreenGuard Roxul Insulation

Features & Options

Ozone Treatment System

IPG Spas Ozone Treatment System uses the latest in Corona Discharge (CD) technology to produce ozone. However, just producing ozone isn't enough. Our custom injection plumbing system ensures that the ozone being made is introduced into the spa water with enough contact time to oxidize contaminents. The result is small bubbles of ozone entering your spa; clear and clean water, and less chemical cost to maintain water quality.

Deluxe Audio System

Our optional Deluxe Audio system offers the most choices when it comes to having your favorite songs in your spa. It is AM/FM and supports MP3/USB/SD/MMC media so you can easily bring your collection of downloaded music spa side. With several built in features, like the music genre equalizer, you can soak while listening to concert like sound inside the spa as well as listen to music while you rest outside the spa.

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